We all worry about system security, with some of us installing more than one security tool to keep our data safe and secure. However, backing up our data is still hard work. Time-consuming. Remember the days where you needed to spend hours backing up data to a writeable CD, for example?

With the cloud, backing up data online is easy. Too easy. AVG LiveKive 2012 is a very good example. Simply choose the files and folders you want to store online and the application will site in the background keeping these files updated. Best of all, when you add new files to one of these folders, LiveKive will automatically backup the new or updated file.

What happens if you want to synchronize your files across multiple computers? AVG LiveKive 2012 can handle this too. Maybe you want to keep your documents updated on each machine, just choose the folder you want to synchronize, install LiveKive on each computer and it will do the rest for you. You can even install LiveKive on your iPhone or Android device and have full access to your backed up files from your mobile device.

If you ever need to restore your data or, perhaps if you buy a new computer and want your important files on this computer, simply install LiveKive, access your account and quickly sync the files back to the new machine.

AVG LiveKive ships with two options, either 25GB of online storage, normally enough for most people. If you have a large audio collection or work with video, you may need more, so LiveKive Unlimited is available, giving you more than enough storage for just about all your backup requirements.

AVG LiveKive 2012 25GB is available from our stores at 70% off list price, or $14.95 rather than $49.99. If you want AVG LiveKive 2012 Unlimited, this is available at 75% off list price, or $19.95 rather than $79.99. At $19.95, this is the equivalent of paying only $1.66 a month for unlimited cloud backup. Seriously, we’d love to know if you can find a cheaper option?