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We’re busy developing our own digital distribution technology that enables partners to provide software to end users. This technology includes a content management system that enables multiple users to login, create, edit and translate articles. The server farm technology includes a distribution agent that pushes users to the best possible server, so their download experience is always maximised (and they never receive a slow download). The software store concept was the first technology to go live. The store USP is that it enables a potential customer, from another territory, to browse software products in their local currency, add the product to their basket and then purchase with their local currency. To the end user, the store might as well be hosted in their own territory.

Software Store Concept

In late 2008 we were tasked to look around for an alternative software store partner for the Incisive Media website brand V3.co.uk. Although there were a couple of options, we came to the conclusion that we could develop and maintain our own store, rather than tag on to a concept developed by a third-party. The store concept, development by and fully owned by Creativemark, was completed during October 2009 and the first store went live on the Incisive Media brand V3.co.uk. Other stores followed, such as Computeractive, PC Pro and PCWorld.

The two key store USPs are that they enable Creativemark to work directly with each software developer so we can quickly manage our own software promotions. We do not need to wait for a third-party provider to organise the promotions on our behalf. We can also update our store content immediately. If a software product is updated and a major release is made available, we do not need to sit around waiting for our third-party store provider to update their catalogue. We can do this without delay.

The other key USP is that the store enables a web user from another territory to purchase in their local currency. Although a store can be hosted from the UK, a web user in Canada can browse the content, see prices in Canadian Dollars, add a software product to their store and then purchase in Canadian Dollars. They then receive their software and serial code immediately, much like any user. To the Canadian customer, the store might as well be hosted in Canada. The store concept provides local pricing in USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, EUR, GBP and SEK. Other currencies will be supported in the future.

Another important element is that any company or publisher can host a software store without obligation, contract or commitment (we only ask that you promote and market your store and store products, to attract customers).

If you are a magazine publisher who would like their own software store, we can put your store online within 48 hours, you sign no contract, your are paid directly by our e-commerce provider FastSpring and you receive an average 20% from every sale made through your store. That's a 20% commission with no contract or payment required.