New technology added to your software store

We’re always trying to refine your software store experience and today we introduced ‘Quick Search’. Start typing a phrase in the search box and, after three letters, you should see a list of results, including brands and store products. Use your keyboard to select a result.

We’ve also added ‘Similar Software’. Click on a more info button, read the overview and see a list of similar software products. These are compiled manually by store owners or created automatically based on keywords (if the store owner hasn’t selected six similar products).

There is now the option to run a member-only promotion. If you are a store member you may find that you receive an exclusive discount, store offer or download in the future!

Lastly we’ve changed the store promo banner underneath the header so we can rotate the info or show an alternative banner based on source customer. Also, it enables us to translate content in the future.

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