Kaspersky 2019 range is quietly released through Europe

Well, that was a surprise. Normally Kaspersky release their new range in September, a few months after it’s announced in the US. This year, it’s the other way around. Kaspersky has announced their ‘2019’ range across the EU and it’s available now in the United Kingdom. That’s early. It’s only May 2018!

So, what’s new in the 2019 range? Not much. It’s mostly about updates. We wrote about the changes on Softwarecrew. What is new is that Kaspersky will now look for and remove misbehaving web browser add-ons. There are updates to modules such as ¬†Safe Banking, new features such as anti-banner support and more.

Luckily for you, we have the ‘2019’ (v19) range live in the software store at the usual discounted prices.

Go to the Kaspersky website to read more about Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 (v19) and Total Security 2019 (v19).