Have you noticed the store frontpage design improvements?

We’re always seeking to improve your store and have changed and improved the design of the store homepage. The newsletter module took up a lot of real-estate so has moved to the right hand side, as a text link, under ‘Helpful Information’. It has been replaced by this Store News module which will keep you informed with the latest store additions, changes and other news.

The ‘Special Offers’ list was deemed overkill (as most software applications are on offer) so remains as a text link on the right hand side of the store, within ‘Promotional Offers’. We’ve replaced this with a list of the best-selling products through the store (which is dominated by Paragon, Kaspersky and Laplink software).

We’ve removed the more info buttons from the ‘More Featured Products’ module as these also took up too much real-estate and were unnecessary when you can simply click on the box image or software title for more information.

There is at least one other key change coming through on the store frontpage in the next week and, if you have any ideas yourself, let us know?

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