Exclusive: MAGIX retail install/backup discs now available!

Buy MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus, MAGIX Music Maker 17 or MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium and you can choose to add the official retail disc for each product, through the order process. You can use this install disc to get the software, and additional content, on to your computer, or simply as a backup disc, in case of re-install at a later date.

Why have we bothered adding the install/backup disc option? There’s a very good reason! Download one of these four MAGIX products and you have to download an additional 3GB+ of “Extra Content”, which can take ages. Although this content isn’t essential, most people want the content packs on their computer.

Each install/backup disc is a DVD and contains approx 4GB of content.