Deal of the Week: Laplink PCmover at 45% off RRP!

At this time of the year, some people might expect to receive a brand new laptop or other Windows 7 PC for Christmas. Either that or they’ll go our and treat themselves to a new laptop in the post-Christmas and New Year sales! Either way, you will want to migrate your data from your old computer and won’t want to spend time re-installing all your old applications. It’s never as simple as it should be getting old apps on your new machine.

There’s a much better solution and that is Laplink PCmover. I used this superb application when I moved across my data from my old Vista PC to my new Windows 7 computer, a few weeks ago. The big difference between PCmover and other migration tools is that PCmover will enable you to move across your old installed applications. Select the two computers, let the migration take place, come back an hour later, reboot your new computer and you’ll find all your previously installed apps on the new machine. Perfect. A real time-saver.

Note that you’ll need a cable to connect between the two computers. You can use a crossover ethernet cable, connect both to the same network or use the high-speed USB cable which is designed to allow bi-directional movement between the two computers. Better still, buy Laplink PCmover from your software store and we’ll give you the option to buy the Laplink PCmover USB cable for 50% off our regular price!

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