Our Software Store is moving! Read on for more information…

Google offers a superb search platform and has made a very positive impact on the internet. However, their super-strict wide-ranging advertising policies also affect software sites with their recent Software Principles policy.

Downloadcrew is a popular software downloads site where we select each download and review carefully. However, according to Google’s policies, download sites are now not allowed to provide downloads to end users! You can only provide downloads if you are the authoritative manufacturer. As an example, Norton can only offer Norton downloads, Kaspersky can only offer Kaspersky downloads. If a third-party offers this software to an end user, even direct from the Kaspersky or Norton website, it’s viewed by Google to have broken their Software Principles policy across their search network.

With this in mind, we’ve now separated the Downloadcrew Store from Downloadcrew itself. Same store, same offers, just a different domain!

Any questions, feel free to add a comment below.

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