Bitdefender Sphere on promotion, with a huge discount, through March and April!

Thanks to our friends at Bitdefender, we’ve been offered the chance to promote and sell the rather powerful Sphere, at a huge discount, through March and April. Hurry though, the promotion will end in April and will not be repeated.

Depending on your location, you can secure a 70% (or higher!) discount from Bitdefender Sphere. In USD, AUD or CAD you can pick up a copy for $29.95. If you buy in British Pounds, it’s £19.95 and across Europe, in EUR, €24.95.

What is Bitdefender Sphere? Sphere is a very flexible license. Take Bitdefender Total Security 2014 for your PC. If you bought the 3-PC edition, this entitles one user to install across three PCs they own. Each PC would use their single Bitdefender account. Sphere is way more powerful. Sphere enables three separate individuals to activate an UNLIMITED number of devices, per Bitdefender account. This enables you to give your Sphere code to two other family members, a friend (you can trust), your Mum or your partner. The difference between Sphere and the regular Total Security is that the entire family can benefit from your single license, plus you can activate multiple PCs, Macs and Android devices!

Sphere is also a powerful license. If you own a PC and Mac, in the same household, you can activate using the Sphere license. Own an Android device? You can activate using your Sphere license, too.

Sphere enables you to install Total Security 2014 on multiple PCs, Antivirus for Mac on your Apple Macs and Mobile Security on Android devices.

Grab your Sphere license now, at this strictly one-off promotional price!