A note about recent Kaspersky 2019 liensing improvements

We’ve noticed that Kaspersky has made a few license improvements to the range since the start of 2019. And it’s good news.

Traditionally, security software is sold per user and can only be used within a single account. Take Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 3-Device, 2-Year, as an example. This enables 1 user to activate 3 devices they own, for 2 years….but from a single Kaspersky account. You can still share your Kaspersky account or secure other people’s devices from your account, but the license stops you giving your code to other users so they can use your ‘spare’ device allowance. You can activate additional devices around your home, but they have to be authorised from the single Kaspersky account you manage.

Nothing has changed there, that’s always how a Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 1-Device or 3-Device code operates. But, Total Security is now even more flexible.

What is new is that Kaspersky Total Security 2019 5-Device now offers additional licensing power, enabling you to give your code to one other user of your choosing to activate from their account. So, the 5-Device options enable 2 Kaspersky accounts to activate 5 devices. Handy if you want to share your code with your brother, friend or even work colleague.

We’ve recently added Kaspersky Total Security 2019 10-Device, 1-YR and 10-Device, 2-Year. This 10-Device license includes support for 3 Kaspersky accounts, meaning 3 separate users can activate up to 10 devices between them.

If this isn’t enough, Kaspersky Security Cloud Family goes one stage further. It’s hugely flexible. It supports 20-devices, but between 19 other users. This means you can share your Cloud licence with a group of trusted individuals, within the 20-device limit. Or, alternatively, 5 other users all able to activate 5 devices between them (20 in total). Whatever you prefer – you’re in control. But this means every member of your family or people close to you can be secured, even if they do not live in your home – add your brother, sister, parents and even distant relatives, all within the single licence.

We’ve noticed people are a little wary of buying Kaspersky Secure Cloud, but it’s really just Kaspersky Total Security 2019 with a very flexible license and powerful account management system!

Any questions, feel free to contact us through the store.