Dennis Publishing. Developed, produced, host and maintain software stores for various Dennis Publishing brands, including PC Pro and Computeractive. Dennis Publishing is a UK consumer and B2B magazine publisher, with key consumer brands such as Auto Express, The Week, Money Week, with B2B brands including IT Pro and Channel Pro.

IDG. We supply and maintain the PCWorld Software Store, plus negotiate, host and support the PC-Welt single-page Software Offer, which is based on our most recent technology.

BetaNews. In 2011 we partnered with BetaNews Inc to supply Downloadcrew, which is our premier destination for software news and reviews. We also work with BetaNews to power, host and maintain their FileForum Software Store.

Omsoc Publishing AB. We’ve been working with Datormagazin, Sweden’s popular magazine and website for PC users, since 2014. We supply software news and reviews (from Downloadcrew), host and support the Datormagazin Mjukvara Software Offer page and more.

FastSpring. Not a client, more of a key partner. FastSpring provide the e-commerce backend that powers the software store concept. FastSpring are established players within this market and provide the e-commerce engine that powers various software brands such as Adobe, TechSmith, Softland and many others.